New Lay’s flavored after beloved dishes at iconic American restaurants


Lay’s is rolling out five new limited-batch flavors of chips that will draw on classic dishes served at beloved U.S. restaurants.

The snack lineup includes:

  • Lay’s Kettle Cooked New York Style Pizza inspired by Grimaldi’s in New York City
  • Lay’s Nashville Hot Chicken inspired by Party Fowl in Nashville
  • Lay’s Philly Cheesesteak inspired by Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia
  • Lay’s Wavy Carnitas Street Taco inspired by El Torito in Los Angeles
  • Lay’s Chile Relleno inspired by Cocina Azul in Albuquerque

The Chile Relleno Lay’s will only be available at WalMart and 7-Eleven, according to Jen Crichton, Frito-Lay North America’s brand communications director.

The potato chips are expected to hit shelves later this month.

Albuquerque residents reacted to news of Lay’s honoring their local favorite:

“The new restaurant-inspired Lay’s may just offer the best of both worlds in the current environment,” said Jen Crichton, Frito-Lay North America brand communications director, in an emailed statement.

Frito-Lay, the PepsiCo subsidiary that makes Lay’s, expects an uptick in snacking this summer as more people stay home and interact with friends virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Lay’s Flavor Icons potato chips are expected to be available in some stores toward the middle of the month and nationwide by the end of July.

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