New Hartselle High School To Open…Soon


New Hartselle High School. (Photo: Al Whitaker, WHNT News 19)

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Work continues on the new Hartselle High School, but no one can say exactly when it will be ready for students. When it does open, the new school will create some much needed space at almost every other school in Hartselle.

“As I said before, it’s just an exciting time right now,” says Hartselle School Superintendent Dr. Mike Reed.

Imagine you’re waiting for Christmas but you’re not exactly certain when it’s going to happen. That kinda describes the situation in Hartselle City Schools right now. The new high school is there and was full of workers today. But no one is quite certain when the students will be moving in.

“We’re in the wind down phase but we’re not preparred to give a date right yet,” Dr. Reed tells WHNT News 19. When it does open, this one new school is going to create some much needed space at every other hartselle school.

“Each elementary school will have 4 classrooms in which to grow,” Dr Reed said. That results in 12 additional elementary classrooms citywide. Reed added, “The existing junior high, which will be the intermediate school, is going to have about 350 students in a building that has housed over 700. And then in the high school, which will be grades 7 and 8, again you’ll have roughly 325 to 350 students in a building that’s housed over a thousand.”

The $40-million dollar, 260-thousand square foot high school will have about a thousand students, but was designed to accomodate many more. It’s the largest construction project in the city’s history. And it’s expected to have a very positive impact, not only on the school system but also the city itself for many years.

Dr. Reed says there have been a few minor delays in the construction, but he adds they’re  not that far off from their original projection.

— Al Whitaker

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