LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A Limestone County non-profit is working to help foster families this winter and it needs a lot of community help right now.

“I wholeheartedly believe that God put this on my heart for me to do,” says Foster Corner of Alabama founder Ashton Miller-Harris.

Ashton Miller-Harris started Foster Corner of North Alabama just five months ago and has big goals when it comes to filling the needs of the foster care community.

“Our mission is to help as many families as we can not just here in Limestone County but surrounding counties too,” says Miller-Harris.

While they are in the early stages of getting the organization running, they’re already collecting items like clothes, bedding, diapers, wipes and formula.

“Whatever they may need, they can call us and be like ‘hey do you guys have this? We need it,” says Miller-Harris.

Future plans for the organization include getting a building of its own and turning the foster corner into a “free” shopping experience for those in need.

“A lot of these kids go through a lot. They go through so much hardship already, and I feel like if they get to come out and pick out their own stuff and they get to pick something that is theirs, it’s theirs to keep and nobody can take it from them,” says Miller-Harris.

They’ll need a lot of funding for that, so they are hosting fundraisers and asking for you to help by donating money and items.

“There’s so many kids that go into DHR that they come in with nothing,” says Miller-Harris.

And Miller-Harris says if you can’t donate items but have the ability to give your time, they always appreciate the extra hands.

“Volunteering to drive and pick up donations, volunteering to come sort, it’s just volunteering whatever they think to contribute to our organization and our mission and what we are trying to do,” says Miller-Harris.

Foster Corner of North Alabama has helped dozens of families in the five months it’s been running. The organization hopes to partner with local schools’ parent resource centers.

For information on how you can help by donating or volunteering, find them on Facebook at Foster Corner of Alabama.