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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Some Huntsville City School students will have the opportunity to learn advanced aviation manufacturing skills.

It’s all possible because of a dual enrollment partnership between HCS, Drake State Community and Technical College, and Science and Engineering Services, LLC.

“It’s a win for our community. It’s going to allow a training capability to young kids to come in, get the training they need, and move directly into the manufacturing or aviation fields,” said SCS CEO, E.J. Sinclair.

SCS is one of the largest aircraft reset/modification providers in the Southeast.

Now students will be able to speed up the process of finding a career in aviation.

“When they go into Drake and enroll in this program, they’ll get additional manufacturing skills. And then in the classroom the academic portion,” explained Buford Thomas, VP of Business Training SES.

There are several jobs that students will learn skills for in the program.

“Doing the drawings, to doing the manufacturing on the aviation manufacturing and parts, to installing components on the aircraft, to doing trouble shooting on the aircraft to painting, to cleaning and inspecting parts. There are a plethora of aviation skills they can go into,” said Thomas.

The hope is that more students will learn these skills and stay in the Rocket City after graduation.

Drake State Community and Technical College plans to begin January enrollment for the program soon.