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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A new children’s experience is set to open at the Huntsville Botanical Garden on Saturday.

The new experience, Tweetsville, will focus on birds and their habitats. The Garden says it will open in two phases starting March 6.

The Garden says the first phase of Tweetsville features the Lewis Bird Watch, a viewing area where guests can observe birds in their natural environment from behind one-way glass. The first phase of Tweetsville also includes an iconic entrance through the “See Rocket City” birdhouse.

Tweetsville is an interactive educational experience included with regular Garden admission, according to the Garden.

“We are very excited to be welcoming our community into the first phase of Tweetsville,” said Sue Wagner, chief executive officer of the Garden. “Tweetsville is a place where guests of all ages can be curious, learn and explore the many ways birds, plants and people are interconnected in our ecosystem. This first phase of Tweetsville is just the beginning of how the Garden can inspire guests through authentic experiences and connect people to their environment through the remarkable creatures that are birds.”

Organizers say the funding for the second phase already underway. The second phase of Tweetsville will include giant bird nests that teach learners about bird behaviors and model tiny homes that demonstrate how to attract birds in a backyard setting.

You can find more information about Tweetsville, including how to support the project, at