New changes are coming to the ACT test in 2020

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MADISON, Ala. – More options are coming for students looking to improve their ACT score. Starting next year, students who have taken the test will be able to retake individual sections rather than the entire exam.

Madison City Schools Superintendent Robby Parker said he is excited about the new changes coming to the ACT test in 2020.

“There is no more high stakes test than the ACT for our students,” said Parker.

The ACT test has five sections: Reading, English, Math, Science, and Writing.

Parker said taking the test can be mentally exhausting for students.

“If I was asked to sit down and concentrate for four and a half to five hours without much movement it would be a challenge for me,” said Parker.

All students have to take the ACT at least once. Previously, to improve their superscore, students had to retake the whole thing. Soon, they will be able to retake individual sections.

“We’re holding them to a standard on that test that will shape their future. That’s a big ask,” said Parker.

Parker said this could be a game-changer for Alabama students who want to improve their college admission chances.

“A good ACT score is so so important to admission and scholarship dollars,” said Parker.

It’s unclear whether all colleges accept superscores, but ACT, in the announcement, said superscores will be reported.

Parker said regardless, in Madison City Schools they are prepping students to do their best the first time they test.

“We teach ACT classes at both James Clemens and Bob Jones in order that they understand what it’s going to be like,” explained Parker.

Parker believes this change will be beneficial to all students taking the ACT across the nation, not just those in his school system.

For the first time, the ACT can be taken online in an official testing center rather than on paper, though both options will be available for students.

ACT officials said test results will be available quicker for those taking online tests.

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