ALABAMA (WHNT) — A new bill introduced earlier this month would potentially add additional days of education for schools across the state.

House Bill 333 would establish the Alabama Modified School Calendar Grant Program.

Although the bill won’t require schools to alter their calendars, House Representative Terri Collins says those who do take part would be eligible for additional funding that would cover the extra days of instruction.

“If you would like to modify your calendar to enhance your student achievement then we’d like to offer this bill that would allow you to do that and have a grant system that would help fund additional expenses,” Collins said.

With concerns over the loss of learning during the summer, Representative Collins says the extra days may solve this issue.

“More consistent school all around the year while still having breaks this would potentially change it,” Collins said.

The bill would also work to ensure students retain what they learned from the previous year of schooling.

While looking to address the educational needs for students is important for many, some parents like Jessica Cotton believe enrolling their children in extra days of school should be a parent’s choice.

“It would kind of relieve them of the learning loss that happens over the summer, but I also would want to make sure that was something that was the parent’s decision to do because it might not be the right decision for everyone,” Cotton said.

The bill is currently in committee at the Alabama State House, but if passed, it would be put into effect by the start of the 2024-2025 school year.