New Athens Area Recycling Effort Kicks Off

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – Downtown Athens visitors will soon notice something new in the square – bright blue bins.

Athens recycling bin. (Photo courtesy: City of Athens)
Athens recycling bin. (Photo courtesy: City of Athens)

The round metal containers will be placed on streets near eateries outside the Limestone County Courthouse, in the hope of promoting recycling awareness throughout the area.

Purchased with a grant from Coca-Cola and Keep America Beautiful, the containers will be near garbage cans for convenience. Local recycling advocates hope the bright blue will inspire people, especially kids, to think green.

“I go into the schools and I teach our children about recycling because I think we’re a society full of waste,” explained Tammy Haymon, recycling education coordinator, “Recycling saves money, creates jobs and conserves our natural resources.”

The bins are only for plastic bottles or aluminum cans. At the mayor’s request, a recycling bin will also be placed at the Farmer’s Market pavilion.

Athens residents will also be provided with the blue bins to replace their current 18-gallon green containers.  Residents can chose to keep the green containers and use them to collect glass and certain plastics.

Here is a list of changes for this new system:

-The city will pick up recycling on Mondays, starting in August. Those who live west of U.S. 31 will have recycling on the first and third Mondays, and those who live east of U.S. 31 on the second and fourth Mondays. This is subject to change if the city sees a need to enhance the routes.

-Residents can put all of their recycling in the 96-gallon recycling container.

-Have your blue cart out by 6 a.m. on your collection day.

The city will start delivering the blue 96-gallon bins on Tuesday, July 16.  It will take about two weeks for the city to deliver all the bins.

List of permitted items in the new blue carts:
-No. 1 and No. 2 narrow neck plastic bottles.
-Cans including aluminum, steel and tin.
-Empty aerosol cans.
-Flattened corrugated cardboard cut to fit inside the can.
-Boxes for items such as cereal, shoes, cake mix, crackers, soft drinks, etc.
-Paper including newspapers, notebook paper and office paper.
-Junk mail.
-Magazines, catalogs and phone books.


Prohibited items:
-Food and any organic waste.
-Garbage and yard waste.
-Plastic bags.
-Pizza boxes.
-Aluminum foil or pie plates.
-Hazardous chemicals.
-Packing peanuts.
-Plastics Nos. 3-7.

Residents can still take oil, batteries and plastics Nos. 3-7 to the Athens-Limestone Recycling Center at 15896 Lucas Ferry Road, which is south of U.S. 72.

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