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NEW YORK – Accompanied by Attorney Gloria Allred, another woman came forward on Monday to claim that Roy Moore had a sexual interaction with her when she was underage. The newest accuser says she was violently sexually assaulted by Moore when he was the district attorney in Etowah County.

The accuser’s name is Beverly Young Nelson. Allred says the new accuser confided her experience to some family members, but she was afraid to come forward because of the power Moore wielded.

Allred says the alleged victim is willing to testify under oath to the truth of her statement. She also called for a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying the alleged victim would be willing to go before the committee.

The alleged victim said in a statement that she attended Gadsden High School. She says Moore was a regular where she worked and that he flirted regularly, but she did not reciprocate. She says she was not interested in having a sexual relationship with a man twice her age.

Allred and Nelson have a yearbook that Moore signed with compliments, concluding ‘-Love Roy Moore.’

She says in a prepared statement, delivered through tears, that her boyfriend was late to pick her up from work one evening and Moore offered to drive her home. She alleges Moore drove to the back of the restaurant where she worked, parked between the dumpster and the restaurant, and then reached over and began groping her. She says he locked the door so she could not get out. She says she struggled and begged him to stop while he attempted to force her head down toward his crotch.

He says when she resisted he said, “You’re just a child, and I am the District Attorney of Etowah County. If you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you.”

She says he finally opened the door and left her on the concrete outside the restaurant, speeding away.

In her statement, she says she was scared to tell anyone because of Moore’s threat and that she covered the bruises on her neck with makeup.

She says she told her sister two years later and her mother two years after that.

The alleged victim also said she and her husband both supported Donald Trump in the presidential election and that her accusation has nothing to do with politics. She says she was inspired to come forward after hearing the accounts of other victims.

She says she had believed she was Moore’s only victim.

Roy Moore’s campaign answered the allegations before the news conference even began, calling the new accuser’s attorney, Gloria Allred, a “sensationalist leading a witch hunt against Judge Roy Moore.”

In the campaign statement, Moore’s Campaign Chair Bill Armistead is quoted, “We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Judge Moore is an innocent man and has never had any sexual misconduct with anyone. This is a witch hunt against a man who has had an impeccable career for over 30 years and has always been known as a man of high character.”

The campaign also threatens legal action against “these false claims.”