Neighbors recall Huntsville police standoff with gunman


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A standoff with police ends in a deadly shooting overnight in the Five Points area of Huntsville.

Around 3:30 pm, Madison County Coroner Tyler Berryhill identified the man who died as 41-year-old Bradley Pugh. He says the cause of death was the result of fatal gunshot wounds sustained during the incident.

Several people that spoke to News 19, who work and live in the area, say it is generally quiet.

“I’ve never seen something like that in the Five Points area up until now so it’s a first for me,” said Chris Linden.

“To see something like that, in my almost 30 years living in Huntsville, I’ve never seen anything like it so it was pretty shocking,” said Michael Ottman.

Ottman saw the scene of a police standoff with a gunman on a roof across the street.

“I was able to walk down there and see through between Tenders and Fuel City right here, and he was up standing on the ledge of Ted’s BBQ with a gun, sure enough,” he said.

He also heard the gunshots right outside his apartment. “Around 1:30, we both shot up out of bed because the gunshots went off.”

It all started when Huntsville Police received a call to investigate a possible gunman on the roof of a business on Andrew Jackson way around 9:30 Tuesday night.

When they arrived, officers saw a man, now identified as Bradley Pugh, with a gun on the roof of Ted’s BBQ. Huntsville police say a team of five negotiators spoke with the Pugh for hours.

“We sat here and listened to them negotiate with the guy for hours and he talked back with them some and I figured maybe they could reach an agreement where he would come down and they could take him into custody or whatever was going to happen,” said Ottman.

Huntsville police say Pugh came down the ladder on the side of the business and then ran into a residential area. Then, police say Pugh pulled a handgun from his waistband. Thats when police shot him.

“He was shot over here in front of the first house next to our apartment,” said Ottman. “Bullets were flying from everywhere, apparently because they got some in the car over here.”

Several bullet holes were seen a truck in a nearby parking lot.

Though HEMSI attempted to save Pugh’s life, he died on scene.

There is still an on-going investigation into the shooting.

Capt. Michael Johnson with HPD says with as with any police related shooting, there will be an Incident Review Board reviewing the facts of this incident at a later time. More information can be provided when that review is complete.

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