Neighbors keeping close eye on Flint River flooding

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - After heavy rain on Thursday and rain all day Friday, several rivers have come close to their crest.

Many residents along the Flint River made sure to secure their belongings in their back yards as water levels got higher.

"We started worrying a little bit. Definitely thought about tying the trampoline down last night. Making sure it doesn't float away," said Ashley Woodcock, a New Market Resident.

Many tables and signs along the river near Brown Bear Canoe and Kayak have been submerged underwater.

"You won't be able to see the railroad sign if it gets too bad. We've seen that happen more than once," said Woodcock.

Residents told WHNT they are not too worried about the water level. However, they are concerned about the dangerous, fast-moving water.

"Just stay away from it. The water is moving fast, you don't want to be anywhere near there," said Woodcock.

Several residents said they sometimes see people kayaking after a major rain event. That sight concerns them because they see large trees carried away by the water on a yearly basis. It can be very hard to see what is actually below the surface for the Flint River.

The owners of Brown Bear say they are used to cleaning up after heavy rain events. They normally do not incur property damages that cost them much money. On occasion, they will lose property that is swept away by the current.

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