Neighbors come together to build access ramp

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A quick call to action on social media can have great results. This week, neighbors in the Blossomwood community rallied together to help an elderly woman in need.

“We’re building an access ramp for Ms. Pipkins,” says Russ Curtis.

The project all started with a call to action on a neighborhood Facebook group.

“Mrs. Palumbo, a neighbor of Ms. Pipkins had posted on the Blossomwood site.. ‘Is anyone available to help build a slight ramp for Ms. Pipkins?'”explains Curtis.

There was an overwhelming community response to help build the ramp for their neighbor in need.

“People offering to chip in money, to bring lunch, ton volunteer to do the work,” says Curtis.

But ultimately Curtis knew the people who could quickly complete the project.

“I went into my bosses and said ‘Hey, we have this opportunity would you help me pay for the materials?’ And not only did they pay for the materials but they said we will send a crew just to do the work,” says Curtis.

He says this is an example of loving your neighbor, even the ones you don’t know.

“Regardless of who built this, this was going to happen. Whether it was the neighbors coming together or folks in my organization saying ‘hey let’s take care of this for this lady’ the community had come together and we were going to get this taken care of,” says Curtis.

Curtis says its about doing something not for the recognition, but just because it needs to be done.

“Ms. Pipkins has come out several times while we’ve been here and has just talked about how appreciative she is how glad she is the neighbors have come together to help her,” says Curtis.

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