Nearby business owner said family of man shot and killed by Madison police appeared to be living out of a van

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MADISON, Ala. — Police confirm the man shot by officers in front of Planet Fitness Sunday night is 39-year-old Dana Sherrod Fletcher, and police were in the area to check out what a 911 caller described as a “suspicious person.”

People who work in this strip mall say that Fletcher and his apparent family, a woman and a young girl, were in the area often, and it appeared they were living out of a van regularly parked in the business lots.

The owner of Planet Smoothie, Mike Bick, just a few doors down from Planet Fitness, said the woman he believes to be Fletcher’s wife was a regular customer.

He said he’d spoken to her before and got the impression they lived in the van.

“Without having the tags on it, and she made a couple comments about how they got it so their daughter could do her homework easier,” Bick said.

Bick was standing outside his store Sunday night when police say officers had an altercation with Fletcher, tased him, then shot and killed him.

“We heard the officers yell ‘stop stop stop’, then we heard the gunshots,” Bick said.

Investigators said police were there because someone called 911 to report a suspicious man and woman inside Planet Fitness recording video of people and asking personal questions.

Bick said a similar situation happened in his store with Fletcher last Tuesday.

“He’d said some inappropriate stuff to girls in my store,” said Bick.

On Sunday before the shooting, Bick approached the woman believed to be Fletcher’s wife and asked them to find another store to get their smoothies.

“My first concern is my staff and my customers,” he said. “We talked back and forth and then she said ‘that’s fine,’ and left. So it wasn’t violent or ugly or anything. She’s really a relatively nice lady.”

Bick said he’d only seen Fletcher and the young girl in the store a few times.

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