NCAC Offers Tool Kit To Help Parents During COVID-19 Pandemic


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – This month is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and the National Children’s Advocacy Center has some tools and advice that can help parents keep things calm during this strange time.

For most people things have been weird and maybe even a bit stressful, and having kids running around 24/7 can add another level of stress.

The NCAC created a parent’s tool kit specifically for COVID-19. 

It has a lot of information such as ways to talk to your kids about COVID-19, important information for families, food resources, substance abuse resources, things you can do with your kids online.

You can access the article here.

Pam Clasgens is the Community Awareness & Prevention Director for the NCAC and she says during this time it’s really important for parents to maintain the structure. 

They strongly recommend having a routine, cultivating a healthy environment with nutritious foods and making sure to take time to be active.

“It’s especially important that we are maintaining good structured routine and maintaining all of those things that are part of good physical and mental health all those things are in tact right now that we are trying to maintain that for kids. That keeps everybody kind of on an even keel at a time when things are kind of uncertain and that can be pretty stressful for everybody,” says Clasgens.

The NCAC also offers a virtual training center for parents.

They have more than 100 trainings that are all free.

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