NBA star Paul George sends kids to Space Camp


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — You may see him in the NBA Playoffs but off the court, Los Angeles Clippers player Paul George made a trip to Space Camp possible for some kids from his hometown.

After missing out on Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center last year, George’s charity foundation asked high schoolers from his hometown of Palmdale, Calif. to submit essays to win a trip to Huntsville, and be a part of Space Camp’s first summer class since before the pandemic.

Even though Paul George couldn’t be there to meet the students, his manager says it’s his goal to give them a chance to find inspiration.

“You know with the camps, they’re keeping the kids busy, keeping them learning, and I mean it’s just amazing,” said Miles Williams, Paul George’s manager. He adds they hope to keep this program for years to come.

The students will learn how to train like an astronaut and pilot a rocket among many other activities at Space Camp.

“We were doing flight simulations and now I’m actually thinking of becoming a pilot. It’s opening up new opportunities and new possibilities,” camper Baruc Garcia said.

Williams added he hopes to continue this program for years to come and to hopefully get Paul George in Huntsville for the program next year, if he’s not too busy on the court.

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