SAN FRANCISCO, Cali. (WHNT) — Popular rideshare company Uber has announced a new safety feature users can access when and where it’s needed.

The company already touts multiple safety measures in place for both riders and drivers, saying the latest addition is just another layer of security for anyone getting into a vehicle.

In Uber’s “complete overhaul” of their Safety Toolkit, a new “Live Help” option will be available, allowing riders to connect directly with an ADT safety agent within the app. The company says users can tap on the safety shield, bringing up large tiles with all available help options in their area.

Rideshare competitor Lyft added a similar feature in 2020.

The Safety Toolkit was introduced in 2018, which included an in-app emergency button. Since the initial launch of that feature, the company says several more improvements and additions have been made to improve user safety.

The company released the latest numbers of reported attacks or emergencies in June of 2022 in a safety report, saying the number of incidents has gone down.

Uber officials say that although a majority of rideshare trips happen without incident, their goal is to provide more peace of mind for both riders and drivers.

The new live feature will be available nationwide, allowing users to get help via phone or text from a live safety agent who can communicate with 911 on behalf of the user and relay vital information to authorities in an emergency.

According to Uber officials, they will also be expanding the ability to text 911 discretely, which they say will impact around 60% of the United States where the technology is supported and available.