WASHINGTON, D.C. (WHNT) — The Library of Congress inducted 25 new films into the National Film Registry Wednesday — with selections spanning from 1898 to the 21st century.

According to loc.gov, the National Film Registry “selects 25 films each year showcasing the range and diversity of American film heritage to increase awareness for its preservation.”

The 2022 selections offer a diverse group of films spanning multiple centuries and cultures. The oldest film inducted this year, and one thought to be lost, is “Mardi Gras Carnival” from 1898. Other entries diversified the library with films focused on Black, LGBTQ+, and Latino issues.

Here’s the full list of the 2022 inductees:

  • “Mardi Gras Carnival” (1898), dir. Unknown
  • “Cab Calloway Home Movies” (1948-1951), dir. Cab Calloway, Zulme Calloway
  • “Cyrano de Bergerac” (1950), dir. Michael Gordon
  • “Charade” (1963), dir. Stanley Donen
  • “Scorpio Rising” (1963), dir. Kenneth Anger
  • “Behind Every Good Man” (1967), dir. Nick Elliot
  • “Titicut Follies” (1967), dir. Frederick Wiseman
  • “Mingus” (1968), dir. Thomas Reichman
  • “Manzanar” (1971), dir. Robert A. Nakamura
  • “Betty Tells Her Story” (1972), dir. Liane Brandon
  • “Super Fly” (1972), dir. Gordon Parks Jr.
  • “Attica” (1974), dir. Traci Curry, Stanley Nelson
  • “Carrie” (1976), dir. Brian De Palma
  • “Union Maids” (1976), dir. Jim Klein, Miles Mogulescu, Julia Reichert
  • “Word is Out: Stories of Our Lives” (1977), dir. Nancy Adair, Andrew Brown, Rob Epstein
  • “Bush Mama” (1979), dir. Haile Gerima
  • “The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez” (1982), dir. Robert M. Young
  • “Itam Hakim, Hopiit” (1984), dir. Victor Masayesva Jr.
  • “Hairspray” (1988), dir. John Waters
  • “The Little Mermaid” (1989), dir. Ron Clements, John Musker
  • “Tongues Untied” (1989), dir. Marlon Riggs
  • “When Harry Met Sally” (1989), dir. Rob Reiner
  • “House Party” (1990), dir. Reginald Hudlin
  • “Iron Man” (2008), dir. Jon Favreau
  • “Pariah” (2011), dir. Dee Rees

For a detailed synopsis of each film, visit loc.gov.

Carla Hayden, the Librarian of Congress, said, “Films have become absolutely central to American culture by helping tell our national story for more than 125 years.”

“We are proud to add 25 more films by a group of vibrant and diverse filmmakers to the National Film Registry as we preserve our cinematic heritage,” Hayden continued. “We’re grateful to the entire film community for collaborating with the Library of Congress to ensure these films are preserved for the future.”

If you missed out on public nominations this year, votes for the 2023 inductees can be cast on The Library of Congress’s website here.