CUMBERLAND, R.I. (NewsNation) — A 10-year-old Rhode Island girl with a knack for detective work was determined to discover if Santa Claus and his reindeer were real.

Cumberland Police Chief Matt Benson was surprised when a package arrived just after Christmas. Inside the package, Benson saw a letter from the 10-year-old, a sample of a partially eaten Oreo cookie and a sample of half-eaten baby carrots — both of which she had left for Santa and the reindeer.

The young detective wrote in the letter that she was wondering if the police could take a sample of the DNA to confirm if Santa was real.

Police redacted her name for privacy, but in a press release, Benson said he has been in contact with the future detective.

“Surveillance image of clearly a reindeer in that vicinity that night,” Benson said. “We do have information of an individual that was observed in the area, matching the description of what people would consider would be Santa Claus. We’ve tracked that individual down and we’re hoping to interview him. Maybe this week or next.”

While an investigation is still ongoing, Benson was able to provide the 10-year-old with some “uncovered evidence in support of Santa Claus’ presence in her neighborhood the night of December 24th, 2022.”