PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — With each brush stroke, artists are making local businesses near Barrancas Avenue come alive. 

“I just love highlighting unique stories and small towns, getting community members involved, brightening up streets and alleyways,” said mural artist Banks Compton.

Banks is creating a mural at the longstanding Merchants Paper Company.  

“They’re approaching 100 years in business so I’m doing more of a vintage truck with their family dog, kind of paying homage to the family and their longstanding business in West Pensacola,” said Compton.

It’s all part of Pensacola Mural Fest, where artists from across the Gulf Coast are working with business owners in the Barrancas corridor to create larger-than-life, eye-catching, art in the city.

Murals are going up at Merchants Paper Company, Kingfisher, Posner Marine, and the new Pearl & Horn.

“Cities all across the country have started having mural fests and they have found that they are a great way to beautify a neighborhood, attract people to the businesses in the neighborhood, help with infill growth, and they stimulate long-term development of an area,” said one of Pensacola Mural Fest’s organizers, Holly Benson.   

Mural Fest started on a smaller scale last year with a mural at Emerald Republic Brewing. Organizers said they’re excited to see where the future will take it. 

“Pensacola has always been a community that’s very supportive of the arts. It’s natural for us to want to support these artists and we’re so glad that we have a place that they feel at home and supported,” said Benson.

The murals are expected to be completed by Nov. 4, when they will celebrate the art with a community event at the American Legion on Intendencia Street.