(WHNT) – Whether you like your iced coffee with “Brown Sugar,” or on the porch in a “Little Rain,” Keurig has just the machine for you.

Many of us drink a couple of cups of hot coffee in the morning just to get started, but for others, iced coffee is the way to go for keeping us from “Looking Tired.” That’s where the new Keurig iced coffee maker comes in!

Keurig, the sustainable coffee company, has collaborated with one of the most famous and enduring rock bands of the century, The Rolling Stones, to create the “Start Me Up” coffee kit.

The collaboration includes a K-Iced brewer emblazoned with the iconic Rolling Stones logo, a custom iced coffee tumbler, a brand new “Start Me Up” coffee blend and access to a curated Spotify playlist to rock out with your favorite iced, caffeinated beverage.

The iced coffee kit will be available for purchase on Tuesday, June 6, however, the supply is limited so make sure you get there fast because “It Won’t Take Long” before they’re “All Sold Out”!