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(NEXSTAR) – Finally, a whole new generation of gamers will be exposed to the frustrations of playing against an opponent who keeps choosing Oddjob during multiplayer modes.

Nintendo and Xbox have announced that an HD remaster of “GoldenEye 007” — the widely beloved first-person shooter (FPS) based on the 1995 James Bond film “GoldenEye” — will soon be available to play on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles, just over 25 years since its 1997 debut on Nintendo 64.

The re-release is significant for the gaming community not only because “GoldenEye 007” is among the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful FPS titles of all time, but also because an HD remaster has long been teased, but ultimately never came to fruition due to licensing disputes, The Verge had previously reported. (A reimagined version of the game was released for the Nintendo Wii in 2010, albeit from a different game developer, and featuring the likeness and voice of Daniel Craig rather than Pierce Brosnan.)

Rare, the company that developed the game, also announced on Tuesday that the remastered Xbox release will include 4K resolution, a “smoother” frame rate and a local multiplayer mode. Craig Duncan, the studio head at Rare, also teased in a press release that the remaster will support all the “havoc-inducing cheats” that fans had used in their N64 days.

It’s unclear if the version released for Nintendo Switch will include the same features. But Nintendo has announced that its Switch version will support online play — a feature seemingly absent from the Xbox version.

The remastered “GoldenEye 007” will be available for gamers who subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass, the respective subscription services offered by Xbox and Nintendo.

The exact date of the remaster’s release was not announced.