NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The master plan for the former Six Flags site in New Orleans East is out. As of right now, developers are calling it Bayou Phoenix.

The lot spans over 200 acres and has been vacant for about 18 years.

Now, there are plans for 30 acres of athletic fields illuminated with professional-level lights, eight NBA-level hardwood courts, an indoor and outdoor water park, hotels, restaurants, a film studio, and lots of shopping. That’s just a few details in the half-a-billion-dollar plan that the developer hopes will only take 42 months to complete.

“We will have public input opportunity throughout the development process,” said the developer of the site Troy Henry. “Quite frankly, a lot of our best ideas have come from folks in the community.”

Those involved in the proposed project believe Bayou Phoenix will boost tourism and bring money into the city.

“We are forecasting 400,000 visitors to the water park in the second year,” said David Sangree, an expert in the hospitality and leisure fields who analyzed the project.

It’ll be a kid-friendly atmosphere that parents hope will keep children out of trouble.

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“Hopefully it brings crime down and will be great for the young men and women of New Orleans,” said Stella Adams.

Others believe it will be beneficial to have this type of attraction in New Orleans East.

“Bring up our property value, bring more awareness to New Orleans as a whole and it’s a good opportunity for jobs for us who have teenagers,” said Lyndsey Satcher.

The developer hopes to begin demolition by the end of this year.

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