WASHINGTON, D.C. (WHNT) — The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released the results of joint efforts across the country over this summer, ending in nearly 6,000 criminal arrests.

Between May 1 and September 2, 2022, local and state law enforcement partners along with the FBI arrested the alleged violent criminals and gang members, seizing over 2,700 firearms connected to criminal activity.

FBI Director Christopher Wray says that over the summer, nearly 845 violent gangs and “criminal enterprises” were disrupted, with 105 others being dismantled, the report says.

Large amounts of fentanyl and other deadly drugs were also recovered.

Some of the larger operations that took place over the summer across the nation were highlighted in the recent release from the FBI:

FBI Albuquerque Violent Gang Task Force

  • 16 federal search warrants targeting violent street and prison gangs
  • 1,000,000+ fentanyl pills seized, along with
  • 142 pounds of methamphetamine
  • 37 firearms
  • Nine ballistic vests
  • Two hand grenades
  • $1.8 million in cash

Los Angeles Metropolitan Task Force & Violent Gangs

  • 28 members & associates of the South Los Angeles-based Eastside Playboys street gang arrested
  • 47 firearms seized, along with
  • 200 kg of methamphetamine
  • 27 kg of cocaine
  • 13 kg of fentanyl
  • Seven kg of heroin


  • 10 MS-13 gang members were federally indicted for racketeering conspiracy, murder, attempted murder, and conspiracy to murder in aid of racketeering, related firearms charges, and obstruction of justice.
  • The seven murders alleged in the indictment were especially brutal, using mutilation and dismemberment with machetes, and included the killing of a juvenile female and a police informant.

FBI Sacramento

  • 7 defendants were charged with conspiracy to distribute and distribution of methamphetamine and heroin as part of a multi-agency coordinated operation targeting the South Lake Tahoe area.
  • Four people were indicted for drug trafficking and firearm trafficking, including an AR-15-style rifle, a shotgun, and several handguns, some of which were “ghost” guns, lacking serial numbers.


  • Three people were charged in two separate carjackings deemed as “violent,” where the defendants allegedly used a semiautomatic handgun, and in one, the defendants also allegedly used a semiautomatic rifle.
  • Another person was charged in a separate carjacking in downtown Chicago, where a firearm was also involved.

FBI San Antonio’s Waco Resident Agency

  • 27 defendants were indicted by a federal grand jury for their involvement in a Texas-based drug trafficking organization operating a meth distribution ring, leading to multiple arrests.


  • Three people were arrested for allegedly participating in trafficking meth and cocaine, operating an illegal gambling business and firearm possession.
  • The FBI says the criminal enterprise operated throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Puerto Rico

FBI Washington Field Office’s Cross Border Safe Streets Task Force

  • Eight firearms recovered
  • Significant quantities of fentanyl, crack cocaine seized
  • 10 defendants were arrested for allegedly planning to distribute the drugs throughout the D.C. area.


  • 25 people were arrested for allegedly running a drug trafficking ring.
  • Those subjects were allegedly involved in a widespread drug distribution conspiracy that crossed state lines into Florida, Puerto Rico and Arizona.

The FBI says their agents along with law enforcement partners have conducted several more operations across the United States in cities like Cleveland, Buffalo, New Haven, Charlotte and Springfield.

You can see the full report or listen to Director Wray’s full video message here.

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