(WHNT) — In a “whopper” of bad news, Burger King announced that nearly 400 locations of the popular fast-food chain will be closed by the end of the year.

Joshua Kobza of Restaurant Brands International (RBI) Inc., which owns Burger King, confirmed the news to Today.com earlier this week, saying the plan is to close between 300 to 400 stores across the nation.

The CEO added, amid the release of the company’s first-quarter report, that hundreds of Burger King locations are closed every year.

Kobza said the company’s focus will now be on working with smaller franchisees and high-quality operators to build or develop existing restaurants that will operate regionally under local owners.

Officials haven’t said which stores will be shut down or when that will happen, but the company’s “Have It Your Way” slogan is expected to remain strong in stores that will stay open.

RBI stated that 124 Burger King locations have already shut down since Jan. 1, 2023, leaving less than 7,000 surviving restaurants.