WASHINGTON D.C. (WHNT) — Congressman Dale Strong (R- AL), the freshman representative for Alabama’s 5th Congressional District has been nominated to the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) for the 118th Congress.

Strong was nominated for the assignment by the House Steering Committee Monday. The nomination is expected to be ratified by the House Republican Conference next week.

The HASC is responsible for authorizing funding and providing oversight for the Department of Defence and is chaired by Mike Rogers (R-AL) who represents Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District.

Strong said the nomination will allow him to take a direct role in advocating for policies that strengthen national security and champion Alabama’s place in national defense. and the economic opportunities it brings the state.

“Alabama is home to many military equities, but the Fifth District is especially proud to host Redstone Arsenal,” the congressman said. “From the Army Material Command, aviation and missile programs, and the Missile Defense Agency, Redstone is critical for on America’s national defense. Our country is made safer by the commitment of the men and women of Alabama that faithfully serve the military community.”

Rogers said that he is thrilled with Strong’s nomination.

“Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District is foundational to Alabama’s continued leadership in the defense of our nation,” Rogers said. “Rep. Strong will be a critical voice on our committee. I look forward to the House Republican Conference ratifying the Steering Committee’s recommendation.”

Strong said that he is thankful for the faith both Rogers and his constituents have placed in him and he looked forward to continuing to champion Alabama as part of the committee.