National Weather Service Wants March 1993 Snowstorm Photos

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Meteorologists at the National Weather Service say they are coming up short when trying to document the snowstorm of March 1993.  They have created a way for you to help the process and credit for it.

Tim Troutman worked at the National Weather Service on March 12, 1993. He sat at a desk 264 miles away from Huntsville, but knew what he saw on the radar.

"That was a quick developing storm system that developed in the southern gulf around Texas, off the coast and moved rapidly through the lower gulf coast states," said Troutman.

The storm moved from the Tennessee Valley to Georgia and up the east coast.

"It was definitely an out of the ordinary system," added Troutman.

The storm dumped 2"-4" of snow in the Shoals, 7.3" in Huntsville, as much as 1' in Guntersville, 1' in Jackson County and 13" in Southern Tennessee.

The NWS wants to gather historical information about the March 1993 storm, but is having a hard time.

Meteorologists are building a website, so people can send it photos to help.

"We want to just better document event since it has been 20 years. We want to get as many pictures and recollections of what really happened, so we can learn more about it," added Troutman.

Please email your March 1993 snowstorm photos to

Please include your name, location of the picture and estimated time of day in order to have your picture considered for use.

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