NASA, SpaceX looking into ‘final milliseconds’ of failed rocket flight

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(WHNT) – We start the investigation with an inexorable truth, newly affirmed from NASA Human Exploration and Operation’s William Gerstenmaier, “Space flight is not easy, as we’ve described to you before and especially I think this points out the difficulty and the challenges we face in spaceflight.”

The mission was to carry supplies and experiments to the International Space Station.

The United States manages ISS payload operations on Redstone Arsenal.

They wouldn’t speak with us Monday, but shortly after the failure Sunday, Gerstenmaier addressed the ISS’s supply situation, “We’re in good shape from a food standpoint. From a water standpoint, we need to watch a multi-filtration bed that purifies water. There was a replacement bed on this flight, and we have to watch the water levels. ”

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk updated the investigation today, noting they still have work to do.

But the promises are there from Gerstenmaier, “We’ll learn from these events, and I think we’ll get stronger from these events. We’ll understand what occurred. We’ll understand where there were engineering weaknesses. We’ll get a chance to see these. The teams will learn from these. They’ll take that learning forward. They’ll get back ready to go fly, and we’ll go back flying again.”

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