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On Thursday evening, NASA confirmed all six of its sky meteor cameras in the southeast region captured images of a bright fireball. Bill Cooke with the NASA Meteoroid Environments Office says the fireball was over Georgia at 5:33 p.m. he says it was at an altitude of 50 miles above the town of McDonough, which is southeast of Atlanta.

“From its brightness, it is estimated that this piece of an asteroid weighed at least 150 pounds and was over 16 inches in  diameter,” said Cooke. He added the NASA cameras tracked the meteor to an altitude of 17 miles above the town of Locust Grove where it appeared to burn up.

“It is possible that fragments of this object survived to reach the ground as meteorites,” said Cooke. If there are meteorites they are located in Henry County south of Locust Grove or in nearby counties.

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A more detailed analysis will be performed on Friday and further details will follow if this analysis still indicates the possibility of a meteorite fall.