NASA leaders praise Trump budget that gives NASA in Alabama $3 billion for space missions


President Trump announced his 2021 funding request to Congress on Monday. Part of that budget goes to NASA, which they are celebrating as one of the strongest budgets in NASA history.

President Trump’s budget, if approved, funds NASA for $25 billion next year and the Marshall Space Flight Center would get around $3 billion. That’s a nearly 12% increase from last year’s proposal.

“This budget allows us to develop the test systems needed to push forward to America’s next giant leap. Sending astronauts to explore Moon, Mars and beyond,” said Marshall Space Flight Center Director Jody Singer.

The focus of Marshall Space Flight Center is missions including the Space Launch System, Orion Capsule, and the Human Landing System.

“With the SLS, Orion, and the human landing system Artemis will put the first woman and the next man on the moon by 2024. The SLS provides an exploration capability that does not exist in the world today,” Singer said. “It can deliver greater mass and volume with greater departure energy than any vehicle system that exists today (and is) the only rocket built from the ground up to carry our astronauts farther and faster than any rocket in human history.”

Marshal Space Flight Center Director Jody Singer says returning humans to the moon and preparing for an eventual trip to Mars requires us to use what we’ve learned from the International Space Station. The budget proposal is also good news for the International Space Station Payload Operations Center.

“The ISS will celebrate 20 years of continual human presence where Marshall provides essential operations to the ISS by managing the payload operations center,” said Singer.

Singer praised the proposed budget and financial support for new technologies and research needed to reach goals in space.

“This is a budget that demonstrates the administration’s support for NASA and the civil space program in the United States,” NASA Associate Administrator Steve Jurczyk said in Huntsville. “The budget has been steadily increasing over the last five years (and) this budget has the largest increase year to year….”

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