‘My Lake Guntersville’ campaign kicks off to keep the lake healthy and safe

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. - The Water, Environment and Tourism Foundation, also known as "W.E.T." has started a campaign called 'My Lake Guntersville' in hopes to remind people who visit or live near Lake Guntersville to protect and preserve the area.

They're raising money for studies to reduce the risk of Asian Carp threatening the Lake's ecosystem and the money will help plan for strategies on how to reduce erosion.

Matt Arnold, president of Marshall County's Economic Development Council, says the money will also help TVA.

"We're going to raise money to help supplement what TVA already does in maintaining the aquatic plants," said Arnold.

Arnold says over the next several months the campaign will have a large social media presence where people can follow along and learn ways they can help keep Lake Guntersville healthy and safe.

"We list things to do and not to do to help keep our lake active and vibrant," said Arnold.

Arnold says it's shocking the number of stories W.E.T. hears of people dumping chemicals into the lake. They hope the campaign will make people more conscious of the litter they leave behind and items the put into the water.

"You can't just use anything to help kill your weeds around your boathouse," Arnold said. "We've heard horror stories of people putting in battery acid and turpentine and RoundUp. Things like that are not good for the lake."

Arnold explains there are approved methods for getting rid of weeds and they're going to be giving out that information through the campaign.

He says he really hopes the campaign will bring people together over their love for Lake Guntersville.

"This is a resource. The greatest resource we have in economic development for Marshall and Jackson counties is Lake Guntersville," said Arnold.

He encourages everyone to go online on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag your Lake Guntersville pictures with #MyLakeGuntersville to show your appreciation for the lake.

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