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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – The mother of a man killed by Huntsville Police will make her way to Washington D.C. this Friday to advocate for more mental health resources within the ranks of law enforcement. Bradley Pugh was shot 16 times by HPD officers after an hours long stalemate on the roof of Ted’s BBQ in Five Points.

Adina Peyton, Pugh’s mother, will speak at the Washington Monument Friday, sharing her son’s story and his fight with mental illness. Peyton will also participate in the “Impacted Families” march on the Capitol.

“I just felt at that moment that it would be the right thing to do. To share Brad’s story,” said Peyton.

Following Bradley Pugh’s death, his mother has spent many of her days demanding more investment in mental health training for law enforcement as well as body camera transparency at the local level. Now, she’s thinking big picture in Washington D.C.

“It is different but I feel like I have a message to share. I feel like it is one of hope, change and one of reform,” said Peyton.

Pugh’s mother believes Brad’s death moved the needle when it comes to mental health resources for officers. As the Huntsville Police Department adds mental health officers and increases training, Peyton says those actions by council members and city administration keeps her going.

“It’s probably the piece that keeps me breathing because I know that it has been used for good.”

Peyton says HPD has met with her and has kept an open line of communication.

“Deputy Chief McCarver has talked with me about needed changes in this city.”

As Peyton prepares to take her story to DC, she still wants to advocate in North Alabama. She has hopes of starting a 5k run in Pugh’s honor.

“I would like to bring Huntsville PD, the mental health and the community health together so we can share information on what’s really happening,” said Peyton.