Moss Trial: Witness ID’s Defendant, Babysitter Talks About Drug Activity at House

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) – Day two of Zakkawanda Moss’ trial involved a handful of witnesses who testified about the people involved in the case, including the victims and suspects.

The most gripping testimony of the day came late in the afternoon from an acquaintance of Henry Burrell, one of two men charged in the six murders.

Judge Forest Durard, who is presiding over the trial, has asked that certain witnesses not be named so their identities are protected.  Their names are used in court for the official record.  WHNT News 19 respects his request and will withhold these witnesses’ names.

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The acquaintance of Burrell talked about driving her son’s Jeep to pick up Burrell and Moss, driving them to certain parts of Huntsville, to Moss’ home in New Market and returning to Tennessee, where she lives.

The witness talked about events of driving the two around, including picking them up at some apartments on Sparkman Drive. At that location, they asked her to back up the vehicle, and Burrell and Moss opened the back hatch, put something inside and shut it. She did not see what they put in, but immediately noticed Burrell was wearing latex gloves. ‘Face’ threw two guns in the back seat before he got in. “It was an awful smell,” she noted as well.

The witness said she followed directions back to Sparkman, then to Walmart and a nearby Wavaho station, where Moss, also known as ‘Face’ tried to use Warren Crutcher’s ATM card. He wasn’t successful, though – at both locations Moss said to the witness “It wouldn’t work.”

At several points during her testimony, the witness had to pause to collect herself. These times included where she talked about noticing the smell, watching the men toss cell phones into a waterway on Joe Quick Road.  She also said at one point she drove Burrell and ‘Face’ to Burrell’s sister’s home in Huntsville.  When she got out of the Jeep there, and started to walk in the house, she noticed blood on the back hatch.  The witness said she had to go inside and lay down.  Henry came inside to check on her, but she didn’t know what Face did after she went inside because she was in a state of shock.

A prosecutor asked the witness if one of the people in her car, making these various stops, was in the courtroom, and if so, to please identify him for the record.

The witness cried, raised her hand and pointed to Zakkawanda Moss as her hand and finger shook.  “He’s wearing a white shirt,” she cried.  The prosecutor asked that the record reflects that man is Zakkawanda Moss.

Earlier in the day, another witness testified about his involvement in Warren Crutcher and Henry Burrell’s drug ring. The judge also asked us not to name this witness, for his protection.

Asia Towles, who babysat Chabreya Campbell’s children, also testified about what she witnessed at the home on Huntsville Highway. She said she witnessed Henry Burrell, Zakkawanda Moss and Warren Crutcher with guns, bundles of money and drugs during different visits.

She is also the person who Vincent Crutcher, the young son of Campbell and Warren Crutcher, called when his mom and brother wouldn’t wake up.

“My mommy in bed, Rico won’t get up,” Towles said Vinnie relayed to her on the phone. “Mommy’s probably just sleeping,” Towles said. Vinnie called again 20 minutes later. “My Mommy and Rico won’t get up.” Towles asked the boy to put his mother, Chabreya, on the phone. He couldn’t. Towles said she was coming.

She brought her mother and cousin with her, and Towles described to the court how she coached Vinnie to open the garage door and let them in.

“I seen blood all over the garage floor. Where the laundry was, it was blocked off,” said Towles. That caught her attention because that’s where the blood was. “Blood was smeared across the floor,” she said.

Read more minute-by-minute details in our courtroom blog.

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