Moss Trial: Burrell’s Sister, MCSO Investigators Testify

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- Gripping testimony continued today in the Zakkawanda Moss murder trial. Moss is charged with 6 counts of murder in connection with killings that happened in Lincoln and Madison Counties last October.

Investigators with the Madison County Sheriff`s Office testified to finding guns in the Flint River. One of those witnesses is Pete Hose, deputy sheriff in Madison County. Hose said this all started when he was asked to investigate the whereabouts of Warren Crutcher.

He said he went to the scene on BH Reeves Road where Crutcher's body was located. "I remember he was laying there, he had some camouflage overalls on, something of that nature, there was blood on his face," said Hose.

Prosecutors asked Hose if he noticed anything that was laying around Crutcher.

"I believe there was some money laying there, on the ground," he said.
"Was there a wallet associated with that?" asked the prosecutor.
"Yes a wallet and some money," said Hose.

Hose testified that on October 23rd, he went to The Overlook Apartments on Sparkman Drive where a Hyundai Elantra was found with blood stains. The car was next to a dumpster which Hose said was of interest to them.

"Why did you think the dumpster held something?" asked the prosecutor.
"Someone had committed a crime, need to get rid of something, throw it in a dumpster, nobody would ever think about it," replied Hose.

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Another key witness took the stand today, Lillie Burrell. Lillie is the sister of Henry Burrell, the other man charged in this case.

Lillie testified she didn`t know the victim, Warren Crutcher. However, she said she knows of a person called 'Teenager' through her brother. She also knows of a man named  "Face."

"Face" is a nickname for Zakkawanda Moss.

Lillie said she got a call from Henry on October 22nd. He came to her apartment in Huntsville with 'Face' and a protected witness we cannot name. Lillie said that witness had a panic attack. Lillie also said that Henry was walking around, biting his lip.

Prosecution: "Did he have a habit of biting his lip?"
Lillie: "Yes."
Prosecution: "What were those circumstances?"
Lillie: "When he had done something wrong or something."

Lillie testified that she saw a black bag in the bag of the car they arrived in. She said that she saw Burrell and Moss both looking in it, but she didn't know what was inside.

The prosecution asked Lillie to point out "Face" if he was in the courtroom. "He is right there in the white shirt with the brown khakis," she replied.

Lillie had identified "Face" as Zakkawanda Moss.

Testimony in this trial is scheduled to begin again on Monday, November 18.

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