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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – An investigator with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is in need of a transplant after being gored by a bull at his own home.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Caleb Brooks, an investigator with the Special Victims Unit was injured by the family’s two-year-old bull Sunday.

Caleb’s wife, Madeline started a public Facebook page called “Our Journey #Praying4Brooks” to keep the community up-to-date on Caleb’s progress. In a Facebook post Tuesday, she describes what happened to Caleb:

Caleb was attacked by our 2 year old bull yesterday around 6. The bull has never been aggressive before, and me and Caleb were both in the pasture close to each other putting out a new role of hay. Out of nowhere, the bull picked caleb up with his head and took of full speed. Caleb was unable to get his footing and the bull smacked him into a tree in the pasture. I called 911, and Caleb climbed over the gate out of the pasture and remained conscious while paramedics checked him out.

In the ER, they discovered Caleb had internal bleeding in his abdomen and took him to surgery. The surgeon said his intestines were torn and mangled badly, and he had to removed a large portion of his small and large intestine. The surgeon was concerned that the blood supply to the remaining intestines had been damaged, so he wanted to do surgery again this morning.

Today was a whirl wind of emotion. When the surgeon performed the second surgery, the remained of calebs intestines were dead. There was no blood supply. He had to remove all of calebs small intestine, and was only able to salvage a small part of his large intestine.

Caleb will have to have a small bowel transplant to save his life. All day today the surgeon and all of the nurses in icu worked very hard to find somewhere to transport Caleb. By the grace of God, Caleb was accepted by Cleveland Ohio’s transplant center.

Madeline John Brooks

Caleb and his family will be spending time in Cleveland while he recovers from the surgery.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office set up a GoFundMe page to help Brooks’s family cover costs for the trip and while living in Ohio.

“He is a vital part of our team,” said Mike Swafford, the PIO for Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. “He is an encourager. He is always laughing, always joking… doing voices, because they deal with a lot of crazy stuff so to have that humor, it’s a necessity and he brings it every day.”

“We ask for any and all prayers for Caleb, his wife and sons and the medical team attending to him!” the Sheriff’s Office said in a social media post.