Morgan County deputies review tactics in active shooter simulation

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – Deputies with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office spent Tuesday and Thursday preparing for potential active shooter threats.

“It’s important that we train as one accord so that our tactics are the same throughout all the fleet,” explained Lt. Eric Fields of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. “Whether it be narcotics investigations, patrol or school resource officers.”

Thursday’s training took place at Danville High School.

Deputies participated in a full-on simulation complete with guns, suspects, and hostages.

“The fact that we’re in a school and this has happened, this has made it more real to them. This is a possibility and that’s why we train. There’s no exceptions for freezing or anything,” Fields added. “We want to keep them focused on the tactics at hand.”

Morgan County authorities say it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings at all times and if you see something odd, say something.

“These tactics we use are standardized to the point that even if it’s a public event, a mall, a store, or anywhere nowadays that this could occur, we’re ready to respond,” said Fields.

Deputies say they can never be too prepared for a situation such as a school shooter.

“I am a parent I have kids in Morgan County schools and it’s a huge concern to me, I’m the Lieutenant for the SRO program as well. And I want to continue to train and make it safe for all of our kids,” explained Fields.

If your child is enrolled in a Morgan County School, you may see a few more school resource officers hanging around this upcoming year.

Currently, there are only eight spreading duties across 14 schools in the county system. Six of those SROs are contracted through the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

“Some of the SROs will have dual coverage of schools, but we plan to have them rotating throughout the day so that all the schools are covered,” said Fields.

Two new SROs will be hired as seasonal employees during the school year. The sheriff’s office hopes to have eight in total by school year’s end.

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