Morgan County commissioner arrested, pleads guilty to lesser charge

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – Morgan County Commissioner Don Allen Stisher, turned himself in Monday morning to the Morgan County Sheriff Office. Charged with Receiving Gifts – a Class C Felony. Stisher, 63, was booked and then released. Later in the day, he appeared in the Morgan County Courthouse. Stisher pleaded down to a misdemeanor. Stisher’s attorney, Jacob Roberts, said the felony required an intentional act and this wasn’t an intentional act. “He deposited it in the wrong account… it’s a mistake and people want accountability for it, of course,” Roberts said. ” It’s not intentional, and I believe that the Alabama Attorney General’s Office and that’s why they agreed to settle it on a misdemeanor.”
Stisher is still serving on the County Commission. Court records show that in November and December 2015, Stisher received two campaign contributions of $1000. One contribution was from the Decatur/ Morgan County Chamber of Commerce and the other was from Volkert, Inc. He put those checks into a personal account. Chairman of the Morgan County Commission, Ray Long, said Stisher’s actions are personal and not involved with the Commission. “I don’t know what his plans are in the future, I do know that he has qualified to run for re-election, if the attorney general doesn’t ask for him to be removed then the Commission is definitely not going to,” said Long. “It will be in the hands of the voters in March.” Stisher was sentenced to one year in prison, but that sentence was suspended. He’ll spend the next year on probation and pay a $2000 fine.

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