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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – When one thinks of animation hubs, Hollywood may come to mind, but one Morgan County studio is hoping to make a name in the industry with their latest release.

Creators at Brainy Pixel Productions are celebrating the release of a pilot episode for their children’s show ‘Cubekins‘ on Amazon Prime.

“Its a short, Christian, 3-D kids animated show. We’ve made it over the last 8 months, which is a little bit crazy in the world of animation. That’s really really fast in terms of production schedule,” Chief Creative Officer and Chief Operations Officer Brannon Hollingsworth said.

Hollingsworth and co-founder Michael Thoenes were both doing commercial work before Hollingsworth said they felt called by God to change direction, and create Christian-based content from their virtual studio in Decatur.

Hollingsworth said with the exception of one person, every hire for the show, including actors, the composer and their director, is from the Tennessee Valley.

“I really feel like North Alabama is positioned to be an amazing place to do more content like this. We’re an hour and forty five from Franklin, which is the hub of all Christian production in the world, we’re two hours from Atlanta, which is kind of like a new Hollywood,” Hollingsworth said.

The ‘Cubekins’ pilot was completely self-funded by the Brainy Pixel team.

“We’re hoping that Cubekins will be a calling card, and that someone, a private investor or a company who’s interested in promoting family-friendly content will be able to come alongside us and help us make it into a series,” Hollingsworth said.

Hollingsworth added ‘Cubekins’ is a way to get the Brainy Pixel name in circulation before they unveil their next project:

“We’re working on a 3D feature film that’s kind of under wraps right now, its got some folks in the Christian film world a little bit excited, some folks in Hollywood a little bit excited,” he said.