Morgan County 911 urges residents to register storm shelters in case of emergency

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – There are buildings like schools, fire departments and courthouses that double as storm shelters in emergency conditions.

But Morgan County 911 officials said the public shelters are one thing; they need to know about the shelter you may have on your property in Morgan County.

The Morgan County 911 center said this registered information could help emergency agencies locate you and your family in a time of need.

The registry builds  a map of homes in Morgan County.  Officials said unfortunately, not many homes in this area have registered shelters. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, and that could present be a problem.

Sometimes debris traps people in. The registry shows where exactly on the property your shelter is located in case someone needs to rescue you.

“We’ll know exactly where it’s at and how many people might be in it and any other information,” explained Jeanie Pharis, Director of the Morgan County 911 center. “This becomes very, very critical for the responders. So whenever you’re hit by a large storm, the structure of the neighborhood could be completely destroyed.”

Officials said the registry only takes a few minutes.

There’s a printable form you can fill out, complete with an optional diagram of your property that may better explain the location of your shelter.

 Officials at the 911 center said of course they hope everyone stays safe, but weather and storms can be unpredictable.

They said having a designated safe space is important, but sharing those details with family members and your area 911 center are just as vital to your safety.

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