More Rain is on its Way, How Emergency Management is Preparing

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Waterlogged Alabama saw some sunshine Saturday, but more rain is on the way.

The already soggy ground may get more rain Sunday into Monday, and with it, Huntsvile/Madison County Emergency Management's Scott Worsham said trees with weak root structures can fall over.

"If we did have high winds, 30 or 40 miles an hour or greater in the forecast, then we could see more trees, just random, fall down," he explained.

He said the rain could worsen some of the flooding already in rivers and creeks.

While that may mainly affect farmland, it may impact a few low lying roads.

"Any water that's of unknown depth, that you can't tell where the bottom is, certainly just turn around you don't want to drive through that," Worsham added.

Wet roads, even if they aren't flooded, can be dangerous.

"Ponding of water, or just puddles on the road, can cause you to hydroplane," Worsham stated. "And we suggest you that you slow down, certainly just ease off the accelerator, don't panic and hit the breaks and just try to maintain control."

Worsham also stated flooding can also be caused by clogged drains, and emergency crews work to keep that from happening.

"With it being early winter, we've had a lot of leaves to fall some of those have made their way to the drains and have stopped up the drains," he said.

Rain is expected on New Year's Eve, so if you have plans that take place outside, double check on them because there may be event changes.

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