More Problems At Memory Hill Mausoleum

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – As soon as you walk into the Memory Hill Cemetery mausoleum you are struck with an unpleasant smell and sight. For the second time in only a few months, a green fluid can be seen oozing from a crypt in the mausoleum.

In May, WHNT News 19 received reports of the same problem.

According to city officials, it was caused by the coffin inside not being properly sealed, and decomposition over time. The leaking crypt in this instance has been sealed since 1994.

Visitors to the cemetery say it is usually well attended to, and hope the city will fix the issues as soon as possible. In May, the leakage was fixed within just a couple of days.

“To have a loved one in there and see something like that, it would be heartbreaking if my family was in there. I would be kind of upset,” said Misty Clift, who often visits her brother’s grave site at Memory Hill.

In May, Albertville mayor, Tracy Honea said the city was working to figure out what went wrong, and were making steps to make sure the same issue wouldn’t happen again in the future.

WHNT News 19 alerted city officials and the cemetery superintendent about the latest leaks.

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