Moores Mill volunteer firefighters offer safety training for teens watching siblings


MADISON COUNTY, Ala – With many Tennessee Valley students starting the school year digitally, Moores Mill Volunteer firefighters decided to offer safety training for teens that are watching younger children while parents go to work.

“If a medical emergency happens, clearly every child that is watching their brother and sisters knows to call 911. But there’s a lot that needs to be done in that timeframe between you calling 911 and us getting there,” said Zachary Trulson, the President of the Moores Mill Volunteer Fire Rescue.

Trulson said a free, four-hour safety course could be the difference between life and death per a recent study.

“If a child has a sudden cardiac event, their survival rates are only about 13.2 percent as a national average. But if bystanders start CPR prior to our arrival, then those rates can double or actually triple all the way up to almost 45 percent survival rate,” Trulson said.

Moores Mill Volunteer Fire is a training center for the American Health and Safety Institute.
The training course won’t get you a certificate, but for a small fee and a few more hours of training, you can get certificates. That goes for adults too. Although Moores Mill is looking to cater upcoming training to teens.

“How to do CPR. If there is any sort of first aid emergency. Such as bleeding or broken bones, what you can do to help that situation prior to us getting on scene,” Trulson said as he described what trainings would be like.

Trulson added the department can answer any safety related questions and pass their knowledge on beyond CPR and first aid.

As far as training times and dates, the Moores Mill Volunteer Fire Department is flexible. You do not need to live near the station to take a class. It’s recommended to check and see if your local fire station does the same type of training.

You can contact the Moores Mill Volunteer Fire Rescue by visiting their website or Facebook page.

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