Monte Sano Art Festival Returns Amid Rain

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Monte Sano Art Festival returned Saturday to Monte Sano State Park, after taking a year off.

Organizers faced a big hurdle with the rainy forecast and weren’t sure how many people would show.

It appears the weather didn’t keep too many people away. In fact, the festival’s absence last year may have incited some people to come despite the raindrops.

“I’m just thrilled with the turnout,” explained Curtis Benzle, Monte Sano Art Festival Director, describing the anticipation for the event, “We had a lot of people here first thing in the morning when it was still raining, I thought that was incredible.”

Drew Hummer, an artist and founder of Madcap Instruments, wasn’t sure what to expect when he first set up shop with a friend selling hand-crafted, hand-painted cigar box guitars.

“It was pourin’ down rain when we got here this morning we got soaking wet… but uh, it’s dried out, cleared up. There’s a lot of people out and about. It’s been great,” he said.

The festival featured artists selling everything from pottery to jewelry to hand-crafted woodworks. There were also a number of food vendors set up selling fresh produce or pre-packaged specialty items like popcorn and baked goods.

Festival organizers said they will consider extending the event to two days in the future, to avoid the inconvenience a rainy forecast can cause.