Money Saving Monday: Facebook Yard Sale Sites

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) –  In this week’s Money Saving Monday report, WHNT NEWS 19 turns to Facebook to help you save money on almost anything you can think of.

You can find it on one of the dozens of Facebook yardsale pages.

They’re similar to Craigslist or eBay, but many users believe they’re better, cheaper and safer.

They’re locally created, so chances are you’ll personally know the buyers and sellers.

And if the administrators allow you to join, you’ll find a treasure trove of potentially great stuff and great deals!!

It’s the modern way to yardsale.

Tara Terry of Marshall County jumped on to one of her favorite sites to show us the great deals she tracks everyday.

“I predominantly use the Hampton Cove Yardsale Page and it’s people that I see everyday,” said Terry.  “It’s people that I work with, people that I see in the grocery store, people that you may go to church with, so it’s people that you know.”

Terry is a pro at making these yardsales work for her, buying and selling regularly for herself and her friends, saving money on the purchases in the process.

“You can really find anything that you’re looking for on there, be it jewelry, furniture, kids stuff,” she said.

In the time Terry chatted with WHNT NEWS 19, dozens of new items popped up for sale locally, and for a fraction of store prices.

Case in point: Terry says, for Christmas, she bought her nephew a Little Ttyke’s Kitchen Set.

“Toys R Us was selling it for about $175 and I ended up finding one for about $50 on there,” she said.

And these yardsales aren’t just for women.

“There’s an antique page, there’s a man’s Facebook yardsale page that gears towards tools, car parts, motorcycle parts, lawn equipment, pretty much anything,” said Terry.

She said perhaps the best part of yardsaling through Facebook is it’s safer, thanks to administrators who won’t hesitate to ban someone who’s not accountable or responsible or is trying to pull off a scam.

“I’ve actually never had a deal that went wrong,” said Terry.  “Pretty much everybody’s on time, the website, the administrators they keep it really strict and really safe as far as telling you what you have to do. They don’t take a cut out of it.  It’s just really easy to post and list and it’s a great way to save money.”

It should be noted that users must be accepted as members before they can even browse through the pictures of what people are asking for and selling on the Facebook yardsale sites.

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