Mobile food pantry feeds hundreds at Toyota Field


MADISON, Ala. – Nearly 30,000 pounds of food was handed out in about an hour at the mobile food pantry giveaway at Toyota Field Saturday.

Gayle Milam is the Director of Stadium Events for the Trash Pandas. She was moved to tears seeing the level of need from a community that she says has always welcomed the organization.

“We are just blessed with our community. They have embraced us and continue to love us and we want to love back,” Milam said.

The Trash Pandas Organization partnered with local churches and as many volunteers they could gather to help give out the food. They say today even busier than the drive last month.

“Cars started lining up at 6:45 this morning and it doesn’t even start until 9 a.m.,” Milam said.

One Generation Away is a nonprofit headquartered in Tennessee. They specialize in donating nutritious foods in addition to nonperishables.

“This is one of those things that people will choose not to eat in order to pay their light bill, gas bill or pay their mortgage and we shouldn’t allow people to make that decision in this country when there’s an abundance of food,” said Founder and Director of One Generation Away Chris Whitney.

One Generation Away donated all of the food that was given out.

“To give them something that can be nutritionally of value to them and is going to help them nutritionally, nothing better,” Whitney said.

Milam said seeing people accepting help and watching volunteers give that help gives her hope that we can all take care of one another.

“The biggest message is that we’re all in this together, and we all can become one again and we need that right now,” Milam said.

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