Mobile County Health officials determine woman in contact with travelers from Africa at no risk for Ebola

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MOBILE, Ala. – Doctors with the Mobile County Health Department on Tuesday afternoon evaluated a patient who reported having gastrointestinal symptoms and reported having been in contact with people who traveled from the Republic of Congo more than 45 days ago. It was later determined that the patient was at no risk for Ebola.

Because of the patient’s reported symptoms and other factors, health officials decided the individual should be further evaluated by infectious disease specialists at an area hospital.

“I commend our fire rescue and emergency workers for their response,” said Dr. Bernard Eichold, Health Officer for Mobile County.

Because of federal privacy laws, health officials could offer no other information about the patient.

Mobile County Health Department’s Dr. Bernard Eichold said USA Medical Center’s infectious disease team has been notified on how to properly evaluate the patient.

“We think this is a very low probability of a serious infectious disease but we will leave it to the specialists at USA Medical Center to determine exactlywhat is going on with this patient,” Eichold said.

Later,  Jennifer Ekman, Senior Associate Director of Public Relations for University of South Alabama Hospitals, released this statement:

“A patient was transported to the University of South Alabama Medical Center from the Mobile County Health Department tonight at 6:50 p.m. USA Medical Center Emergency Department and Infectious Disease specialists evaluated the patient. After a thorough examination was conducted, it was determined that the patient did not meet the Centers for Disease Control screening criteria, and there is no risk for Ebola.

This is all the information we will have tonight.

We will have an update for the media at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.”

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