Mo Brooks honors retired combat veterans in Decatur


DECATUR, Ala. – U.S. combat veterans of foreign wars, living in Brookdale Cedar Springs, have been waiting months to meet Congressman Mo Brooks.

They had originally invited the Republican lawmaker to visit them on Veterans Day.

Monday, Congressman Brooks granted their wish.

Personal letters from Brooks were handed out to veterans at the independent living center.

“We got off the plane, they called us baby murderers and were throwing tomatoes or something at us,” said U.S. Army veteran Howard Jinkins. “We almost had to run to get out and avoid getting hit.”

Jinkins says he was met with hatred from his own countrymen when he returned to the U.S. from the Vietnam War.

The Army veteran says the visit by Congressman Brooks is special.

“It was kind of exciting knowing that somebody was thinking about us,” Jinkins said.
Retired Marine Corps combat veteran David Sumrall agrees.

“We did sacrifice a lot ourselves when we were there and we appreciate the congressman coming here today to visit with us,” Sumrall said.

The congressman’s remarks were met by applause as he thanked retired vets for their service.

“That’s one of the things that has made America the greatest nation in world history, and I believe we’ve had that stature for about the last 75 years,” Brooks said. “It’s because of the sacrifices of those who are willing to fight for the principles, our foundational principles embodied in the Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights, that have allowed us to have liberty, freedom, and excel.”

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