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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Strands of hair became the center of a heist.

“It was just in pieces,” said Terrika Smith.

Smith rushed to her shop on Mt. Moriah Monday morning after getting a call from the alarm company and seeing something strange on her security system.

“I checked my camera, and the door was pretty much wide open,” she said.

Moments before, her cameras caught a white SUV looping around the shopping center, then reversing and seconds later, the screen went black.

“From the looks of it the door was pretty much broken into two,” she said.

Smith said the band of thieves cut the power, then latched a chain from their SUV to the wrought iron front door and yanked it off.

It even pulled the wall from the foundation and caused the ceiling to cave.

It took a lot of planning and even more work, but little did the thieves know, every night Smith puts up the hair she sells.

“I wish I could have seen their faces,” she said.

All the crooks got away with was a couple of wigs and some hair samples.

“I think they just had been bamboozled,” she asid.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case at Virgin Hair in Southaven on Stateline just weeks ago.

The manager there said thieves broke into a vacant building next to the shop, kicked in a connecting door, and snatched $80,000 worth of hair.

“I opened the other door where the hair was at and I see that somebody came in and they took every piece of hair that we had,” said the manager.

Detectives have yet to say if these cases are connected.

What is clear, thieves are going great lengths for bundles of hair that could sell on the streets for several hundreds.