Memorial Day celebrations throughout North Alabama

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – In Muscle Shoals, this group doesn’t want you to forget the fallen. They’re taking their Jeeps to the streets Saturday so you’ll remember the soldiers and be more aware of veteran suicide.

“It’s just an awareness ride, it’s going to be a caravan through the streets so everyone can see what we’re doing,” said Travis Tucker, the organizer of the Memorial Day Jeep Convoy.

And in Scottsboro, the Veterans of Foreign Wars dedicated a day to remember those who were captured during the war, went missing or were killed in action.

“It really is the families of the P.O.W.’s and M.I.A.’s that suffer the most because there’s no closure… you know your loved ones don’t come home and you can’t bury them,” said Larry Becker, President of Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Although there are many Memorial Day event happening all across the Tennessee Valley, there’s one thing that each organization says they agree on, Memorial Day is not just another day off from work. It’s a day to honor those who have fought for our country, support them, and remember those who have fallen.

“People just need to realize what this country and people who have fought for it sacrificed to get us to have the privileges that we have now,” said Tucker.

And for some, service took a toll they’re still battling today.

“On average 22 veterans commit suicide every day. It’s an epidemic, it’s a sickness that our country really needs to grab a hold of,” said Tucker.

Efforts to honor and help veterans will continue in the Shoals and in Scottsboro even after this holiday weekend ends.

“We’re hoping this will add another avenue where they can come and talk to other veterans and discover they’re not alone,” said Becker.

They ask you to remind veterans that you’re here for them too.

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