Megan Sharpton Murder Update: Arrests May Be Near

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WINCHESTER, Tn. (WHNT)–Megan Sharpton’s mother is pleading for help from Franklin County, Tennessee District Attorney Mike Taylor. She wants the man she believes is responsible for her daughter’s death behind bars.
Erika Megan Sharpton (L) pictured with her mother (R) Kelly Sharpton
Twenty-four-year old nursing student Megan Sharpton’s body was found beat and burning on a Bedford County roadside in early July.
Franklin County, Tennessee investigators say they have amassed a mountain of both circumstantial and direct evidence against a prime person of interest and the individual they believe to be responsible for what they call the brutal murder of Sharpton. They also say they believe that person did not act alone. Now both the family and the sheriff’s department alike are waiting for the district attorney to make the call for official charges.
“You take on somewhat of their grief and their pain when you work on a case like this,” said Franklin County Sheriff Tim Fuller Tuesday.

Sheriff Fuller says he takes Megan Sharpton’s death personally and says the mounting evidence pointing to one Tullahoma, Tennessee man make an arrest practically imminent.
But Fuller says district attorney Mike Taylor requires a few more facts before he can clinch an official charge.

    “Taylor has to prosecute this case and we fully understand he has to be careful to be able to carry this all the way through without a shadow of a doubt,” Fuller explained.

“This is a horrendous case with a very violent death and there’s a lot of circumstances surrounding this case that it could possibly even be a death sentence situation.”

Kelly Sharpton, though, says she is running out of patience quickly. She knows socially the person believed to be responsible for Megan’s murder, a man she calls a predator who had made contact with and threatened her family at a Tullahoma High School football game last Friday.

“My daughter-in-law was there at the game,” said Sharpton, “and he approached her and physically tapped her on the shoulder and talked to her and I think that’s a little bit scary if he’s bold enough to approach our family. What else is he bold enough to do? He is the prime suspect, after all.”

Sheriff Fuller, who has been anticipating an arrest for some time now says he worries about public safety.

“Our concern is, in the person of interest we’re dealing with, is that there could be some other crimes,” said Fuller. “It is a real concern, indeed.”

Grieving mother Kelly Sharpton says she fears the same.

“Our concern is for everyone else out there,” she said. “We’ve lost our child. I can’t let another family hurt this hurt or feel this feeling, it’s just too much.”

Though Sheriff Fuller says an arrest is likely any day, district attorney Mike Taylor did not want to release the identity of who they are calling a person of interest at this time.

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