MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WHNT) – On December 19th, 2022 Blake Farmer officially began work as the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director.

Before arriving at the EMA as the director, Farmer was a member of the Boaz Fire Department for 14 years; part of that time he was a lieutenant. While spending that time as a member of the department he also worked part-time with the EMA.

Blake is very knowledgeable when it comes to EMA, he’s a good guy and I think he’ll do a great job.

Jeff Beck, Chief of the Boaz Fire Department

Farmer was a leader of the Marshall County Heavy Rescue team, which helped prepare him for his role with the EMA. It was also his relationship and the legacy of Anita McBurnitt that he felt coming to full-time with the EMA was a calling.

Her motto was always to prepare for the worse, and hope for the best and that’s what she’s don’t for our county. She left it in a very great shape, she built an EMA that a lot of people would love to have.

Blake Farmer, Marshall County EMA Director

The county has an abundance of equipment ranging from messaging boards and light plants to the Heavy Rescue Team equipment. The majority of this is kept at the EMA office, though some of the water rescue equipment is located in Guntersville. Whether is assisting hospitals with planning ahead of potential problems or severe weather disasters, the EMA will be there for the Marshall County residents.

The Marshall County EMA has launched a new website, which is home to great information to keep you aware of what is going on in the County. During the threat of tornadoes, there is a list of all the public storm shelters, and during the bitter cold a list of the warming shelters.

We are working on a new mass notification system right now we are in the building phase of it and the proofing phase to make sure it is going to be reliable to our citizens.

Blake Farmer, Marshall County EMA Director

As we continue into the severe weather season, it is important to have multiple ways to receive weather alerts. Farmer says they are working hard to create a new mass alert system for the Marshall County residents. While this is not up and running yet, keep an eye out so you can signup for it!